Dot Free Aluminium LED Profile

DOT Free V Standard LED

Over this last year our Dot free LED strip options have been selling consistently well in the commercial sector. All the samples we have sent out to Electricians, Contractors, Designers, Architects etc. They have been warmly received and the feedback has been very positive. This in turn has resulted in these products being incorporated into job specifications on large scale projects from hotel refurbishments to Cinema builds.

As you may know, Dot free works when you use a certain LED strip in conjunction with a certain profile with opal diffuser.

Our two most popular versions are:
1. LED strip range – 3528/120 at 9.6W/m
Profile – SDL004 Deeper Profile with Opal Matte Diffuser

2. LED strip range – 2216/240 at 19.2W/m

dot free led strip

Pic 2

This range of strip is compatible with all our profiles to create the dot free effect as the LEDs sit very close together so once diffused you get a smooth linear light that looks incredible.

We are always trying to add to our dot free LED strip range, our latest design which will be available soon is the 3528/240/ range at 19.2W/m (please see picture 2 attached) this particular strip once diffused in any of our profile range gives out an astonishing light output, due to the bigger 3528 LED chips in sequence.

As with all our ranges of LED strip, these newer products are dimmable and can be used with any leading or trailing edge dimmers in conjunction with a compatible Dimmable driver giving you control on light output.

If you have any enquiries on these products, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Dot Free Aluminium LED Profile

DOT Free LED Profile



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