At SDL Lighting we have an extensive product range which is ideal for bar LED lighting. SDL Lighting supply ready assembled LED Lighting applications for many different types of businesses and locations. We also design and fabricate bespoke LED Lighting solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

All of the images of LED lit bars are using SDL LED products.

The red squares behind the bar in the first image are lit with high brightness Red/Green/Blue flexible LED strip (SMT-5050-30-RGB). This particular strip lighting uses tri-colour LED’s. By using this type of strip in conjunction with a constant current LED Driver, otherwise known as an SDL RGB controller, a seemingly infinite number of colours can be mixed and chosen from by making simple adjustments with the RGB controllers hand held remote control.

The blue tubes outside of the bar in the second image, the green background at the back of the bar in the third image, the pink glow at the bottom of the bar in the fourth image, and finally the illuminated jigsaw pieces in the fifth image are all achieved using the same combination of RGB High Brightness Flexible LED Strip Lighting and an RGB controller.

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LED Bottle Display

LED Bottle Display Plinth – Click here for more details.

Here are the SDL LED Products used in the locations pictured above.

  • SDL ColourPad44 (an RGB Controller). This particular colurpad has the options of adjustable brightness control, mode select (flash/Fade/Strobe/Pulse etc), and speed control.
  • RGB tri-colour flexible LED strip lighting. This particular strip is high brightness, colour changing, and is also IP67 rated (water resistant).
  • SDL 12v Power Supply Unit. The size and output of the PSU you need depends entirely on how much LED product you intend to run off it.

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