Escalator LED Lighting

Escalator LED Lighting

Here at SDL we provide high quality, durable, escalator and lift LED lighting products. Walkover LED strip lighting makes it easy to illuminate important areas such as stairs, escalators, lifts, and walkways whilst providing aesthetic value.

Coolstrip flexible LED strip can be used in conjunction with aluminium stair nosing or in aluminium profile for escalator and lift LED lighting use.

The robust qualities of both the coolstrip itself and the carriers used in conjunction with it make it ideal for busy areas. Coolstrip can be illuminated for long periods of time as well as being subjected to people frequently walking over it. The safety of a low voltage 12v power supply this makes these products perfect for lighting walkways, escalators, steps/stairs, emergency exit lighting, and lift lighting.

Whether your proposed location is a cinema, a retail outlet, a hotel, an airport, a train or bus station, a restaurant or food chain, SDL can provide a lighting solution that meets your needs.

Our ‘Coolstrip’ flexible LED strip comes in several fixed colours and can also be used in conjunction with our SDL LED drivers as well as our DMX interface LED driver. The strip is available in high brightness (Blue/White/Green) or standard brightness (red/Amber). We also stock many different LED lighting products that can be used for escalator and lift LED lighting. Call SDL today to speak to an expert about your project. There is no obligation and we are always happy to help.

Lift LED Lighting

Lift LED Lighting

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