SDL Lighting supply LED lighting products which are ideal for Retail Display LED Lighting.

Here we have pictured a LED lit glass display cabinet situated within a retail cycle outlet and an upmarket high street display of ladies shoes and handbags. SDL Lighting have lit the cabinet within the cycle outlet using standard brightness flexible LED strip. The upmarket ladies accessories have been lit using our unique ‘Dot Free’ aluminium LED profile.

Glass Display Cabinet

Using only four metres of standard brightness LED strip and one 3 amp/12 volt power supply unit this simple LED construction has completely transformed the cabinet from something that blended into the background to something eye-catching that truly stands out.

Wall Mounted Shoe and Handbag Display

We have lit this particular display Using our unique ‘Dot Free’ Aluminium LED profile. ‘Dot Free’ LED profile gives off an even, linear light and we manufacture it to the size and specification as set out by the customer. We can provide different lengths of LED profile, different colour temperatures, different levels of brightness, and we can even customise individual lengths of profile with switches so that they can be controlled individually.

To demonstrate the impact that SDL Lighting products have had on the effectiveness of the display cabinet we have included some ‘before and after’ pictures. Although the pictures which do not include LED Lighting are not very dark the images that do include LED lights make it clear how effective the correct use of quality LED Lighting product can be.

The ‘pure white’ flexible LED strip makes the metallic products within the display cabinet shine and highlights every inch of detail. The display cabinet itself stands out within the shop drawing all who see it to look inside and find out what products are within the cabinet.

By using the self-adhesive backing on the flexible LED strip and a few tie wraps our customer was able to fit the lighting application with the minimum of effort.

As with all lighting applications provided by ‘SDL Lighting’ this application arrived fully assembled. The strip was cut and soldered to the exact measurements provided by the customer. All linking wires and the wire leading to the power supply unit were also made to the exact measurements as provided by the customer.

The high quality of our LED products, their durability, and the ready assembled lighting application make SDL the choice for those who want a professional, helpful service from electronic experts. Our purpose is to provide a lighting solution which our customers can be proud of.

Here at SDL the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers is paramount.

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