SDL Lighting provide caravan and motorhome LED lighting products which can be used in specific caravan and motorhome applications. 

We can supply custom made LED light fittings which fit your motorhome perfectly and offer the exact light output and colour temperature which you require. The fittings which we supply can be fitted with switches, so that they can be controlled locally, or they can be controlled using any number of SDL wall mounted dimmers and colour mixers.

The images on this page illustrate the use of LED strip lighting which has then been housed in an Aluminium LED Profile. This type of illumination serves a practical purpose when used directly above kitchen equipment but it can also be used to create subtle mood lighting. Our aluminium LED profile is also available in ‘Dot Free‘ form. By manufacturing an even light without ‘spotting’ or ‘dotting’ a constant linear light is created similar to that given off by fluorescent lighting.

As with all LED Lighting it is safe to touch as it operates at a low temperature and also has only a 12, or in some cases 24, volt electricity source.

In a relatively small space like a caravan or motorhome ‘safe to touch’ lighting is essential as it is all within reach. Caravans and motorhomes need the safety of LED lighting as they are often owned and used by families with small children on board who can also reach and touch the interior lighting.

As well as providing illumination where you need it most, as demonstrated in the wardrobe image, LED lighting is also perfect for setting the right mood and being adjustable to compliment different lighting conditions and fulfil different requirements.

Whether you are in the kitchen whilst cooking and require a bright ‘pure white’ light, for the best illumination possible, or, whether you are sitting down to a meal in the evening and would prefer a soft ‘warm white’ light to relax with and enjoy, LED Lighting can provide an array of lighting options that will meet your needs.

We can also provide aluminium stair nosing. This houses our rugged, IP67 rated, walk-over strip lighting which we call ‘coolstrip’. Given that a caravan or motorhome can conceivably be used in an area with no street or outdoor lighting available, highlighting the steps to your mobile holiday home is essential.

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In order to alter and control the LED Lighting within a motorhome or caravan there are several LED lighting products you could use.

  • Flexible LED strip lighting. High Brightness and colour changing. Each LED, which is mounted to the flexible strip, is a tri-colour LED consisting of the three primary colours, red, green, and blue.



  • RGB controller. By using the colour-pad in conjunction with the Flexible RGB strip a seemingly infinite number of colours can be mixed just by using the remote control. In addition to this the brightness of the lighting strip can be controlled as can the optional lighting sequences. The lighting sequence can be anything from flashing, pulsing, or gently fading from one colour to another. In essence it is easy to use the same lighting strip to offer practical illumination in bright ‘pure white’, or set the mood for a quiet evening with ‘warm white’, or to entertain the children with a series of spectacular colour changing sequences.
  • If colour changing strip is not what you want then high brightness flexible lighting strip can also be purchased in the set colours of ‘warm white’ and ‘pure white’ which can then be controlled by a more ‘retro’ wall mounted dimmer or by our sleek new iTouch dimmer.

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