At SDL Lighting we have provided LED lighting to many different types of business owners and restaurant owners are no exception. We have an extensive product range which is ideal for restaurant LED lighting.

On this page we have added some images of our LED products in use at several different restaurant locations. We have also added descriptions of the products used should you wish to achieve the same look within a restaurant premises of your own.

The first image on this page illustrates a restaurant with ‘LED Powerstrip’ illuminating the stairs.

‘LED Powerstrip’ is available in cool white, warm white or colour changing red/green/blue.

The LED signage pictured on this page is located in the Manchester Aiport cafe/restaurant and the signage itself is constructed using IP65 rated Flexible LED strip. Unlike most commonly used flexible LED strip this particular product does not use surface mount technology and instead uses traditional LED’s which are wired in series and then sealed within a flexible plastic housing. This means that, unlike surface mount LED strip lighting, the strip can flex from side to side and is perfect for signwriting. The plastic casing also gives the strip it’s IP65 water resistant rating.

These images demonstrate how effective a bespoke LED solution is when designing a restaurant. Two of the images are of the same bar area and the third is of a LED lit horderves tray.

Because the bar area was constructed with red, green and blue tri-colour LED chips the colour of the bar can be changed using a remote control. Dependent upon the RGB LED driver used different colours can be mixed to create the exact colour desired. In addition to this the LED’s can change from one colour to another in a pre-set program using functions like ‘flash’ and ‘pulse’. DMX LED drivers can also be used with RGB flexible strip in order link the LED lights to music being played in the venue.

Flexible LED (Surface Mount) Lighting Strip is used in the images of blue ‘LED mood lighting’.

An RGB colour controller unit is used to alter/adjust the colour of the RGB flexible lighting strip. RGB controller units can be wall mounted and have similar dimensions to that of a mains operated light switch.

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