At SDL Lighting we provide Lighting Products that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor Architectural LED Lighting.

These are images of St. Annes pier which was lit using our LED Lighting products. For this particular job we used V30 Powerstrip LED Lighting. We used the colour “warm white” to illuminate the pier, although Powerstrip is also available in colour changing Red / Green / Blue, as well as “pure white”.

Because St Annes pier is now lit with LED lighting there is a minimum of effort required to maintain the piers illumination. LED Lighting is resistant to heat, cold, shock, and vibration. LED Lighting can also last for up to 100,000 hours of continuous use. All this means that no matter what the weather, even in a seafront location such as this, St. Annes pier will remain illuminated.

Due to the long lifespan of LED lighting there will also be no need to continually replace expired lights, which would be necessary with incandescent lighting.

SDL Powerstrip is IP65 rated which means that it can be exposed to all weather conditions without being adversely affected. In addition to the powerstrip we also used outdoor power supply units, which are also IP65 rated.

Architectural LED Lighting

This stunning lighting feature is one of the best examples we have which demonstrate how clever design and LED Lighting can create something really special. Modern, striking, spectacular!


Here is an image of SDL’s Flexible LED Lighting Strip, as used in the ‘Rainbow’ LED lit corridor pictured above. This particular lighting strip uses Tri-colour Red/Green/Blue LED’s but is also available in ‘warm white’ or ‘pure white’.


This is the Red/Green/Blue colour controller used in the ‘Rainbow’ corridor pictured above. This is just one of SDL’s Constant Current LED Drivers, or ‘RGB controllers‘, and it comes with several pre-set colour changing sequences as well as the option of being able to program your own tailor made shade of colour.

Outdoor Architectural LED Lighting

The ‘LED tube’ display outside of ‘The Sportsman’ bar is a great illustration of how the simple application of flexible LED strip lighting can create something original that sets a location apart from the rest.

As with all lighting solutions that leave SDL lighting this product was fully constructed prior to dispatch.

At SDL we don’t just sell LED products. We visualise, plan, and create LED Lighting solutions which are ready to be installed and utilise the full potential of LED Lighting.

We provide a friendly, expert, reliable, service to our customers and we take great pride in the quality of our products and the quality of the service which we provide.

Here we have another example of a lighting application supplied by ‘SDL Lighting’ which utilises the versatility of flexible LED strip lighting.

The ‘jigsaw’ shapes which have been attached to the ceiling of ‘The Sportsman’ bar contain SDL Lighting’s colour changing flexible LED strip. The strip contains tri-colour LED’s that, in conjunction with an RGB LED controller, can produce a seemingly infinite number of colours.

Our lighting team are able to work in conjunction with our customers, and any other contractors involved, to orchestrate and facilitate the production of virtually any lighting application from conception to completion. Our ability and eagerness to problem solve and go well beyond the remit of other companies, which can ONLY supply LED products, is one of the many things that sets us apart from the rest.

Our LED lighting division has been produced to meet the very stringent requirements of architects and lighting designers.

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