At SDL Lighting we supply a wide range of products which are ideal for reception LED display lighting.

Reception LED Display


This reception desk is an example of modern design which incorporates the simple and effective application of pure white flexible LED strip, as supplied by SDL Lighting. The LED strip on the underside of the desk transforms the look of the desk with a striking white glow. This particular strip is ‘pure white’ although it is also available in ‘warm white’ and colour changing red/green/blue.

Reception LED Display


This is another example of Standard Brightness Flexible Strip LED Lighting being used in a strikingly effective way. Rather than the LED light being on the outside of the desk the LED Lights are inside the desk and the opal acrylic side walls of the desk are back lit. All the LED products used in this application are supplied by SDL Lighting.

Reception LED Display



This is our third example of how Flexible LED Lighting strip can be integrated as part of a modern location design. This sleek Reception & Foyer area creates an immediate impact by incorporating SDL LED Lighting products into the reception desk as well as the foyer wall behind the desk.

Reception LED Display



This is an example of how Tri-colour Flexible LED Strip Lighting, an RGB controller, and some opal lettering can come together to create a colour changing signage display. The opal lettering is back lit using flexible LED strip which is then controlled by a RGB constant voltage LED Driver.

The Flexible LED Strip Lighting used is also available in ‘warm white’ or ‘pure white’.

The LED driver used is just one of SDL’s RGB controllers and it comes with several pre-set colour changing sequences. It also gives you the option of programming your own tailor made shade of colour.

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