At SDL we provide LED Lighting to hotels, restaurants, and food chains for the purpose of lighting their food counters and for more general restaurant lighting.

In the first image the food counter is lit with flexible RGB LED Lighting Strip. The RGB (Red/Green/Blue) strip uses tri-colour LED’s which can then be controlled using a constant current LED driver which is sometimes known as a ’Colour-pad‘. Virtually any colour you want can be achieved by using the colour-pad to mix the red, green, and blue as well as having the lights pulse, strobe, or follow a pre-set colour changing sequence.

Our expert lighting staff will program any custom sequences on your behalf whilst constructing your LED Lighting application. At SDL Lighting we also supply custom made fixtures and fittings including aluminium LED extrusions in various shapes and sizes with various lens covers.

Some well placed LED fixtures can vastly improve both the aesthetic and practical value of your LED light for food display. Many of our customers have commented that having high quality and durable LED lighting products, as well as expert staff to construct their lighting application, is what separates SDL Lighting from other LED lighting suppliers.

Here are some LED light for food display products that we would use to light a food counter or to provide more general restaurant lighting.

  • Colour changing (RGB), high brightness, IP67 rated (weatherproof), flexible LED strip light. Our product code for this is SMT-5050-60-IP67-RGB.
  • Constant Current RGB LED Driver (Colour-Pad). Our product code for this is SDL3900RF.
  • A 12v power supply unit (PSU).

Please contact us via telephone or use the web contact form to discuss your lighting display requirements with one of our LED lighting experts. There is no obligation and we are always happy to help.

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