Kitchen LED Lighting
This modern kitchen is an example of clever design which incorporates the simple, and yet effective, application of kitchen LED Lighting as supplied by SDL Lighting.

This lighting feature has been created using the simple but effective method of back-lighting the outer frame with colour changing flexible LED strip lighting. This creates an modern feature by lighting the wall that the frame is mounted on with soft colourful light. The colour and brightness can both be changed and lighting programs such as pulse, strobe, and colour changing sequences are programmed into the constant current RGB LED driver that is used to power the lights.

This feature was lit using Flexible LED Lighting Strip. The particular lighting strip used was ‘RGB – Colour Changing’. This Flexible LED Strip Lighting is also available in ‘warm white’ or ‘pure white’.

A Red/Green/Blue colour controller was also used in the wall display feature pictured above. This is just one of SDL’s RGB controllers and it comes with several pre-set colour changing sequences.

Kitchen LED Lighting

This is an example of how Kitchen LED Lighting can be used in a striking and effective way. The lighting itself is as much a feature of this kitchen as the furniture and decor is. The pure white light literally shows the furniture and works surfaces in their best light. Enough light is provided in the room to be practical and to provide a feeling of free and open space within the kitchen.

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