Flexible LED ‘SMT 120 high brightness’ is a versatile flexible LED strip. The surface mount Epistar 3528 LED’s are on a 8mm wide flexible white PCB with 3M adhesive tape on the rear to allow quick and easy installation. This flexible LED strip can be used with our range of dimmers, RGB controllers and power supply units.

‘SMT 120’ 3528 LED is an especially popular flexible strip. There are 120 LED’s on each metre of the strip so there is far less ‘spotting’, or ‘dotting’, effect when the strip is used behind opal acrylic. When ‘SMT 120’ 3528 LED is used in conjunction with aluminium opal lense profile a smooth and linear light is produced that resembles fluorescent lighting. Please click here for more information on ‘dot free’ aluminium LED profile.

SDL Lighting Flexible LED strip is both ‘CE’ and ‘Rohs’ compliant and can be used in conjunction with our Aluminium LED profile range for sleek looks and even greater heat dissipation.


Specifications – SMT-120

  • Part No. – SMT-3528-120
  • Voltage – 12Vdc
  • Power Consumption * – 9.6W / 800mA per metre
  • LED Qty * – 120 per metre
  • LED Size – Epistar 3528
  • Size (WxH) – 8mm x 2.5mm
  • Cutting Interval – 25mm
  • Pure White, Warm White & Blue
  • * Data Based on 1000mm


Price – POA

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