SDL Lighting provides many lighting products which are intended for outdoor use and are ideal for marine LED Lighting.

As well as serving the practical and safe function of providing a 12 volt light source LED lighting is unrivalled when it comes to aesthetic value. LED lighting offers the opportunity to be at the forefront of cutting edge style and design.

The simple, yet effective, use of blue LED flexible strip lighting compliments the design of the marina by creating spectacular lighting features in and around the marine location.

For safety reasons, and for reasons of practicality, LED Lighting is second to none when lighting a marina, boat, or harbour. When incorporating lighting into the design of an outdoor location which is next to water low voltage LED lighting is the safest option.

When incorporating lighting into a compact location, such as a boat or mobile home, having low voltage, low heat output, and shock resistant LED lighting is the obvious choice over any other type of lighting. LED lighting is resistant to shock, cold, heat, and vibration as it has no glass filament. It is fair to expect that the lighting in a marina, or on a boat, would be subject to extreme temperature changes, shock and vibration. With the life expectancy of an LED being up to eleven years of continuous use LED Lighting also requires the least amount of maintenance.

The marina location pictured above demonstrates how effective the use of outdoor LED lighting can be. Here are some of the SDL LED products that we would use to achieve the same outcome’s as demonstrated in the marina images above.

  • SDL ‘Coolstrip‘ which is a very robust ’walkover’ flexible LED strip rated IP67 (weatherproof). This strip is perfect for highlighting walkways and steps in a dark area or for simply adding aesthetic value to an area of decking as part of a marine location. Coolstrip comes in several fixed colours.
  • High Brightness, Red/Green/Blue, IP67 rated, flexible LED strip lighting (SMT-5050-60-IP67-RGB). This is what we would use to achieve the illuminated hand-rail & walkway in the first marina image pictured on this page.
  • By using a RGB colour controller in conjunction with RGB flexible LED strip any number of colours can be mixed, using the remote provided, and pre-set lighting sequences can also be selected such as pulse, flash, or strobe.
  • Warm white, standard brightness, flexible LED strip (SMT-3528-60). This is the lighting strip most people would choose when lighting the interior of a boat, motorhome, or home. The warm white light serves a practical purpose, in providing illumination, as well as aesthetic value by providing a relaxing warm light.
  • SDL LED dimmer. A dimmer such as this would be used in conjunction with the interior warm white flexible LED strip used inside of a boat or cabin. A dimmer such as this would make the best use of LED lighting strip. Whilst cooking or reading the lights can be set to a high level of brightness. Whilst enjoying a meal or relaxing in the evening a lower level of brightness can be selected.

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