LED 12v Power Supply. These are our indoor, SDL 12vdc, Power Supply Units.

Our staff can help you to determine which power supply you will need based on how much LED product you intend to use in conjunction with it. Our LED 12v power supply range (indoor) starts with the SDL18, which is roughly the same size as a laptop power supply unit and is rated at 18 watts and 1.5 amps, to the SDL350, which is well over twice the size of the SDL36, and is rated at 350 watts and 29 amps.

Depending on the layout of your LED lighting application, you may need to split the LED lighting load over two, or more, power supply units for practical reasons but the SDL350 is capable of driving 47.5 meters of standard brightness flexible LED lighting strip.


  • 12Vdc
  • 120 Watt
  • 10 Amp
  • 172mm x 72mm x 41mm

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