Brand new LED bottle display plinth unit! Uplight your display bottles and transform your bar for only £29.88!

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Using just 10 LED’s within a small plinth, any object placed on top of the plinth will be uplit and transformed into a vibrant colourful display.

The plinth itself is 4.3 inches square with a central 3 inch circular lens covering the 10 super bright LED’s. This makes it the perfect size for beer, wine, or spirit bottles.

This unit will mainly be used to display drinks bottles, either behind a bar or in the retail sector, but it can also be used for countless other applications! Any transparent object, shampoo bottles, perfume, or even cut glass, which will fit onto the platform can instantly become part of your lighting display.

LED Bottle Display Plinth – Specifications


  • Mobile and wireless unit.
  • 10 super bright 5050 tri-colour LED chips.
  • Low voltage supply (4.5v).
  • Internal battery runs for up to 30 hours continuously.
  • Can be charged/powered using a USB cable.
  • Each charge/recharge takes 4 hours.
  • Can be powered using three AAA batteries.
  • The unit can hold up to 80kg in weight.

No construction or installation is required with this product as it is a ‘plug and play’ device which will arrive to you ready for immediate use.

LED Bottle Display Plinth – Remote Control Functions

Each unit comes with a credit card sized remote control which means that it can be placed in hard to reach places and still be controlled from the ground. There are several functional controls on the remote;

  • Fade : Fade gradually and smoothly between different colours.
  • Jump: Jump immediately from one colour to another.
  • Brightness adjustment.
  • 13 different fixed colours to choose from.

One remote can control several LED bottle display’s. Because of this it is possible to have several units performing the same functions in synchronisation.

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LED Bottle Display Plinth

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