The SDL-150T-1H12V-0 is a 150W TRIAC Constant Voltage Dimmable Driver. It Supports both leading edge (TRIAC) and trailing edge (ELV) dimmers. This unit has a 12Vdc Constant Voltage Output with a maximum current of 12.5A and a dimming range of 40V-240Vac. The SDL-150T-1H12V-0 comes with stepless brightness settings which provide a smooth dimming curve.

Specifications – 150W TRIAC Constant Voltage Dimmable Driver

  • Part No: SDL-150T-1H12V-0
  • Dimming Voltage Range: 40-240V AC
  • Input Current : 1 Amp
  • Output Current : 12.5 Amp
  • Output Voltage : 12Vdc
  • Output Power: 150W
  • Size (LxWxH): 310mm x 60mm x 45mm

Price – POA

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Product Datasheet
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