An LED temperature meter is an essential piece of test kit. Its purpose is to measure the Temperature (Kelvin K) of each batch of LED strip we have. The Colour temperature of a White light indicates the colour tint of that

specific light, most light is not pure white, they will always have a tint (different shade).

Warm White is an example of a White light with a yellow tint and your Cool White will have a tint of blue. Between the two will be a Natural White which is probably the closest colour you will get to daylight. Although these are simple terms, there is a Kelvin Chart that ranges from 1000 to 10000K. (pic 1)

Our LED temperature meter (pic 2) allows us to obtain consistent readings of our ranges of LED strip, this is beneficial as we can then determine if we have the exact colour temperature to match up to particular specifications for any tenders or job contract requirements that may come our way.

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colour temperature chart

Pic 1. Colour Temperature Chart

LED temperature meter

Pic 2. Temperature Meter

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