We now have super bright LED strip in stock at 28 watts per metre! That’s a MASSIVE 1900 lumen’s per metre! We use only quality Samsung 5630 LED chip technology with this new flexible strip lighting, which represents an evolutionary step in LED Lighting due to it’s incredibly high light output.

As with all flexible LED strip supplied by SDL Lighting this super bright LED flex is constructed using a flexible printed circuit board (PCB) capable of dissipating the heat generated by the surface mount LED’s. Coupled with more than sufficient resistors to do the job required of them this is by far our brightest flexible LED strip producing twice the light output of our high brightness flex which uses the 5050 LED chip. Super bright LED flex also comes with original 3M backing tape for easy installation.

Our customers always demand the highest quality and reliability and our flexible super bright LED strip certainly delivers!

super bright led strip

Specifications – Super Bright LED Flex

  • Part No. SMT-5630-30
  • Voltage – 12Vdc
  • LED Qty * – 60
  • LED Size – 5630
  • Size (W x H) – 12mm x 2mm
  • Cutting Interval – 50mm
  • *Data Based on 1000mm

Fast Turnaround Times.

A typical wait of between 48 and 72 hours from placing an order to delivery!

From Design To Delivery And After Installation Support!

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