We recently got involved in a project involving Cookham Library who had a wonderful idea to install an illuminated wall feature to make their Library more autism friendly. Research shows that people with autism are much more likely to visit the library but are held back due to the existing environment they hold. So, to help come up with an idea which will have appeal to people with autism and their families proved very rewarding for ourselves. The job proved to be a success and the outcome was incredible.

As mentioned above, the idea was to have an illuminated wall feature installed on one side of the Library. The concept was to have each compartment illuminating from the rear in random colour schemes, this is where our services were required. We were tasked with supplying an RGB control system which would allow these random colour schemes in each compartment.

Each compartment was of a different size, the idea was to run pieces of RGB LED strip (5050/30/RGB) around each compartment to give off a crisp even light in each section. In total there were 24 compartments to illuminate.

We set about making a control box which consisted of 5 RGB Controllers, each Controller was powered by its own independent 100W driver. We divided the 24 compartments into each RGB Controller, so we had 4 Controllers running 5 compartments each and 1 controller running the last 4 compartments.

All the runs of LED strip required (24 in total) were then cut down to length to suit each compartment and signal cable was soldered on each piece to run back to the designated Controller.

To make this system work in random colour schemes, we had to make sure that the selected compartments on each controller were not near each other. We then configured each of the pieces of LED strip for those compartments differently on that controller, so we had RGB, GBR, BGR, GRB, BRG configured, one for each piece of LED strip. This process was done for all the LED strip on each Controller.

The Controllers used on this job were our Infra-Red range, the idea was to use one remote control to control all. So, to make this happen we linked all the Infra – Reds with wire link and then on the last controller we had one Infra – red signal which we could locate with our controller, this in turn told the rest of the controllers to change. With all the different configurations being used, this allowed a variety of mixed up colour schemes to be used with one independent remote.

We are extremely proud of this bespoke LED lighting job and the outcome was fantastic, proving to be a lot more effective than we first anticipated. This is one of them jobs that really does show the bespoke service we provide and more importantly it shows us thinking outside the box to provide a top-quality lighting system.

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