Side Emitting LED Tape SMT-335-120-SE

Side emitting LED tape has finally arrived and it’s available in high brightness! The LED chips on this side emitting LED tape are mounted along the edge of the flexible printed circuit board which makes this an extremely versatile product. If you want to sign write or highlight shelf/cabinet edges then this is the product […]

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RGB Controller With RF Remote (SDL-RF800)

The SDL-RF800 RGB controller has a large current output but a low power consumption. This means that this controller can run 40m of standard (SMT-5050-30-RGB) RGB strip or 20m of High Brightness (SMT-5050-60-RGB) RGB strip without additional data repeaters. The remote control has a high precision touch control chip to make the most of the […]

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SDL RP316 Data Repeater

The SDL-RP316 Data Repeater is a purpose designed LED data repeater to boost RGB controller, LED dimmer, and DMX driver capabilities. This is an integral piece of kit when designing and constructing LED Lighting applications that include lengths of Flex LED strip which are too long for the RGB controller, LED dimmer or DMX driver’s […]

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