At SDL we provide a wide range of lighting products which are ideal for church LED lighting. We also pride ourselves on the service we provide to our customers and our ability to complete unique and challenging projects.

This cross was presented to our team at SDL as a structure without any form of illumination. Our lighting team were asked if we could work out a way of incorporating LED Lighting into the structure. It was imperative to provide even illumination throughout the cross and for our work to both complement and respect the sensitive nature of such an important religious symbol.

Our team of electrical and lighting experts had to design and manage how much LED product, and which specification LED product, to use within the structure in order to give off the right amount of light and yet remain within the correct operating temperature. Further to this the team then had to find a way of secreting the LED Drivers used to run the LED Strip within the structure.

**NOTE** We do not fabricate structures such as this cross ourselves. However, we are always happy to add/incorporate our lighting products into a structure which you have fabricated.

To illuminate this cross our lighting team used Standard Brightness, Flexible LED strip, in ‘warm white’, and two SDL72 Power Supply Units.

These are purpose made LED candles which we supply here at SDL. The LED lights within each unit accurately emulate the colour temperature and brightness of a genuine candle flame.

These LED candle units are ideal for use within a church as they create the correct atmosphere without the safety issue of having a naked flame in a public area.

In addition to being safer than a real candle LED candles are perfect for putting into locations that may be hard to reach. Once the candle is installed in it’s location and wired up it can be left there virtually maintenance free and will not need to be reached on a regular basis.

This is an image of some work previously completed by SDL Lighting. The photograph was taken outside of the building at night to demonstrate the effectiveness of the illuminated cross.

This illumination was provided by simply using a large amount of Flexible LED Strip Lighting. Specifically we used High Brightness Colour Changing Red/Green/Blue Flexible Strip LED Lighting which is IP67 rated (weatherproof). The SDL code for this product is SMT-5050-60-IP67-RGB.

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