The SDL-RP316 Data Repeater is a purpose designed LED data repeater to boost RGB controller, LED dimmer, and DMX driver capabilities. This is an integral piece of kit when designing and constructing LED Lighting applications that include lengths of Flex LED strip which are too long for the RGB controller, LED dimmer or DMX driver’s capabilities.

Similarly the SDL-RP316 Data Repeater is used within lighting applications that use other forms of LED lighting. LED downlights can overload the capabilities of RGB controller’s, LED dimmer’s and DMX driver’s when used in greater numbers. The SDL-RP316 Data Repeater is a constant voltage LED driver and is capable of driving either 12Vdc or 24Vdc LED’s. The SDL-RP316 Data Repeater can be used in conjunction with a suitable SDL power supply for LED products such as flexible LED strip lighting, PowerStrips or LED downlights.

Specifications – RP316 Data Repeater

  • Model No. -SDL-RP316
  • Supply Voltage – 12/24Vdc
  • Output – 3 Channel
  • Output Current (per channel) – 6 Amp
  • Output Wattage – 216W at 12Vdc / 432W at 24Vdc
  • Drive Capability – 5050/30/RGB 12m Max
  • With suitable power supply – 5050/60/RGB 24m Max

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Product Datasheet
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