The SDL-RF800 RGB controller has a large current output but a low power consumption. This means that this controller can run 40m of standard (SMT-5050-30-RGB) RGB strip or 20m of High Brightness (SMT-5050-60-RGB) RGB strip without additional data repeaters.

The remote control has a high precision touch control chip to make the most of the colour ring and buttons. You can use remote control to switch between different modes and you can also adjust the brightness of the LED’s and the speed which they change colour. The remote has other advantages such as far control distance, high touch sensitivity, strong driving ability and stable performance.

SDL-RF800 Remote

  • On/Off
  • Seven static colours
  • 20 Modes in total including different variations of; Colour jump, Colour gradual change, Colour crossfade, Colour flash, and an Auto mode.
  • Brightness -/+
  • Speed -/+
  • Colour Ring which allows easy/instant adjustment of colour.


SDL-RF800 RGB Controller – Specification

  • Model No. – SDL-RF800
  • Supply Voltage – DC12-24V
  • Output Power – DC12V: <288W, DC24V: <567W
  • Size (mm) – 83x(L)79x(W)x33(H)
  • Remote Type/Size (mm) – RF / 113.5(L)x55.5(W)x22.5(H)
  • Drive Capability – 5050/30/RGB 40m Max*
  • With suitable power supply – 5050/60/RGB 20m Max*


Price – POA

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Product Datasheet
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