The ‘SDL iTouch LED RGB Controller′ is a glass panel design, touch screen control, wall mounted, LED RGB controller. In addition to the powerful and varied display that LED lighting offers this sleek design of LED RGB colour controller adds aesthetic value to the control function of your lighting application. The size and shape of this controller has been chosen to make replacing existing 240volt mains lighting switches/controllers as easy as possible.

The SDL iTouch LED RGB Controller has the options of adjustable brightness and speed control. It also has 11 modes to select from and a ’64 colour select circle’. The SDL iTouch LED RGB Controller can be used to drive our range of Flexible LED Lighting strip in conjunction with a suitable 12Vdc power supply.

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Specifications – iTouch LED RGB Controller

  • Part No: SDL-I-RGB
  • Supply Voltage: 12/24Vdc
  • Output: 3 Channel
  • Output Current (per channel): 4 Amp
  • Output Wattage: 144W/12Vdc, 288W/24Vdc
  • Size (LxWxH): 87mm x 87mm x 37mm
  • Drive Capability: 5050/30/RGB 19.5 Max*
  • With suitable power supply: 5050/60/RGB 9.5 Max*
  • * Additional lengths can be driven using the SDL-RP316

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Product Datasheet
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