Aluminium LED Profile has many different applications and LED stair lighting is one of the most popular. At sdl lighting we work hand in hand with our customers and other contractors to produce truly bespoke LED lighting applications. We produced the lighting pictured within this post to the exact measurements and specifications set out by our customer. This meant that our bespoke aluminium LED profile integrated perfectly into each step of the staircase.

We have many different types of aluminium LED profile which are suitable for a vast array of unique applications. Although we do our best to convey the versatility of our LED profile within our website there are doubtlessly many more applications which we haven’t yet featured. If you require stair LED lighting, or if you require any area to be LED lit and you’re not sure how to do it then please contact us today. It’s impossible for us to provide any kind of price list on our website as every application we produce is unique. If you do choose to contact us with your requirements then we will happily provide you with a comprehensive and competitive quotation.

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Stair LED Lighting - Aluminium LED Profile

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