This is a flexible strip lighting comparison test and a must read page for anyone who is thinking of purchasing flexible LED strip lighting. One of our customers contacted us and requested that we try to “match up” some of our flexible LED strip with a flexible LED strip which they had bought from a different supplier. At sdl we aim to please so we immediately began searching for a match and the results were very interesting….
We were able to match the type of LED chip used on the flexible strip provided to us by the customer. We were also able to match the amount of LED chips used per metre. Both the ‘other’ flexible strip and the ‘sdl lighting‘ flexible strip used 60 ‘3528’ LED’s per metre and both strips used the same wattage. We then measured the light output of each strip. Here are the results;

‘Other’ flexible strip = 260 lux.
‘sdl lighting’ flexible strip = 1540 lux.

As you can see the ‘sdl lighting’ flexible strip produced far more light than the ‘other’ flexible strip despite using the same volume of the same LED chip. Our flexible strip lighting comparison demonstrates that the ‘sdl’ flex was over five times brighter than the ‘other’ flex. To read about why this is please see our article ‘What Makes High Quality LED Lighting?‘.

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