Years Back, colour temperature was not a choice you had when choosing light emitted from a lamp. With LED Strip Lighting, there is that choice of colour giving you freedom to set the mood for your living or work space. Colour temperature in lighting terms describes how the colour of the light appears from a lamp source, this is measured in Kelvins. The straightforward way to look at it is this, imagine a scale from 1000K (very red) to 10,000K (very blue) The higher up this scale you go, the closer the light resembles blue daylight.

Warm Or Cool?

This is where you come in, its all about personal preference and use. If you are one who prefers the old school traditional colour of a conventional lamp then Warm White LED Strip (3000K) would be ideal, we find this to be the most popular choice for living space in homes. We are finding also that these days, a lot more people are trying for the modern, bold look which requires a cleaner, more brighter feel of a Cooler White LED strip (4000K PLUS). Cool Light contains more blue and certainly is brighter to the eye.

cool white and warm white led lighting

Where can they be used?

When it comes to choosing what Light to use and where, the right colour temperature is key, it depends on quite a few factors, e.g. What mood you are trying to create? The Products you are promoting/selling? Target audience? And plenty more. A quick example would be an Art Studio where good lighting in extremely important for visual work. The accuracy of the colour you are working with is essential, that is where Daylight Lighting is helpful, both for getting Light where you need it and allowing you to see your colours a lot more accurately, you would not get these benefits with a Warmer White.

WARM WHITE – Living Room, Bedrooms, Hallway, Conservatory, Summer House
COOL WHITE – Kitchens, study, bathroom, pathways, Offices, Retail
DAYLIGHT – Commercial sector, Retail, Art Studios, Workshop

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