Side emitting LED tape has finally arrived and it’s available in high brightness! The LED chips on this side emitting LED tape are mounted along the edge of the flexible printed circuit board which makes this an extremely versatile product. If you want to sign write or highlight shelf/cabinet edges then this is the product you need.

The side emitting LED tape can follow the curvature of virtually any structure and can be used in conjunction with standard front facing flexible LED strip. This versatility opens up all kinds of possibilities when lighting a structural display. Both standard and side emitting LED strip supplied by SDL can be constructed together as one application. This means that the direction of the light emitted can be different for each surface of your display yet all the LED strip used will be powered and controlled by the same LED driver or controller.

This side emitting flexible LED strip comes with original 3M backing tape for easy installation and Read More…………….

side emitting led tape

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