Our LED strip 2216/240 Range, is taking Dot Free LED to the next level!

When it comes to creating the dot free effect, it works by using a certain LED Strip with a certain profile complete with opal diffuser. In most cases It is when our 3528/120 LED strip range is housed in deep aluminium LED profile (SDL 004) the effect is created when the strip is sat further back in the profile allowing the 120 LED’S per meter strip to disperse the light across each other giving a smooth linear light once it hits the diffuser which in turn eliminates the spotting of LED’s.

With our new range of LED strip (2216/240) we have found that we can create the dot free effect with any range of profile, including our shallow versions (SDL 001,002). This is down to the 240 LED’S being so close together that even when it is close to the diffuser the LED’s give off the smoothest of light.

With it being high powered (19.2w/m) and with the Lumen output on the (2216/240) range being very high and impressive also, it produces the most spectacular smooth linear light regardless of which profile it is housed in. No longer does profile have to be hidden, this light wants to and needs to be seen.

Our Profile is very durable and is 100% aluminium throughout which makes it the perfect heat sink when using higher powered strip, dissipating any heat effectively.

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A typical wait of between 48 and 72 hours from placing an order to delivery!

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