CoolStrip Flex is a robust weatherproof IP67 flexible walkover LED strip light (Flexible LED strip). It can be used to illuminate steps and walkways in conjunction with aluminium stair nosing (CSF-ASN) and aluminium IP67 walkover light profile (CSF-AWP).

The non-slip aluminium stair nosing houses the IP67 flexible LED lighting strip with ease. Very little effort is required for installation. Aluminium stair nosing, which houses IP67 flexible LED Lighting, offers a smart and practical solution to dimly lit areas where people are at risk of slips, trips, or falls. The aluminium stair nosing and the walkover LED strip are both robust and waterp roof. They help maintain the steps, or stairs, which they cover. The stair nosing provides a hard wearing and easily cleanable edge where the majority of footfall takes place.

This stair nosing is equally at home outdoors on concrete, wood, or metal steps as it is being used indoors. A good example of indoor use would be in cinemas or theatres. These types of venues are dimly lit on purpose during a performance or screening and yet they need to provide clearly visible walkways and steps for the hundreds of customers in the venue. Read More………….

Specifications – White, Blue & Green Flexible Walkover LED Strip

Part No. – CSF-W (white), CSF-B (blue), CSF-G (green)
Voltage – 12Vdc
Power Consumption * – 3.6W / 300mA
LED Qty * – 36
Size (WxH) – 12mm x 6mm
Cutting Interval – 83mm
Max Length – 26M
* Data Based on 1000mm

Specifications – Red & Amber Flexible Walkover LED Strip

Part No. – CSF-R (red), CSF-A (amber)
Voltage – 12Vdc
Power Consumption * – 2.16W / 180mA
LED Qty * – 36
Size (WxH) – 12mm x 6mm
Cutting Interval – 139mm
Max Length – 44M
* Data Based on 1000mm

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