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Outdoor Church LED Lighting

PLEASE NOTE WE ONLY SUPPLY THE LED Lighting, unfortunately we do not build the crosses

Here at SDL we are perfectly suited to enhance your Church Cross LED Lighting. Over the years we have advised and custom supplied LED strip Lighting to churches in order to illuminate crosses both inside and on the outside of the buildings.

We work closely with the Church to advise on the type, power and amount of lighting they require to give them the light output they desire. We determine Driver capacity needed by working out how much strip is being used.

In some instances, we get supplied the church cross to our workshop (pic1) and then we are tasked with fixing the LED strip to the cross. This can be done by installing strip around the edges of a back plate to shine against the cross, this method gives off an incredible halo effect.

church cross led lighting

Pic 2

Another method as shown in picture 2 is to completely fill the back plate with LED lighting strip, allowing a 10mm gap between each piece of strip, this method allows us to fully light up the cross. The small gap spacing ensures there are no black spots and gives you a smooth linear light which proves to be very effective.

We pride ourselves on the bespoke service we provide, with jobs like a Church Cross LED Lighting project, it’s great to see it through from planning to the finished article.

church cross lighting

Pic 1

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